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Terrazzo Restoration Explained


We uses up to a 14 step diamond grinding process on terrazzo restoration, that leave your terrazzo floor with a natural mirror like shine. We grind the terrazzo floor up to 8500 grit after we compound it and the seal with impregnator. I would put my work against any other floor restorer. My updated pictures speak louder then words. When a company is doing this process right, a 1500 sq ft takes up to 21 days to complete. There is no way this 
process will be done in one or three days.It takes 2 to 4 days to remove stubborn stains, it's a two day process to fill holes with authentic (TERRAZZO!), and about four days for grinding depending on how aggressive i need to be. Edging are done correctly with hand tools only. I am concerned that some of you are not getting what you paid for!! This process cost about $4 to $10 per sq ft and is worth every penny. My equipment is a true diamond grinding floor restorer, not a regular machine with wieghts.  My pictures speak for itself! Updated Gallery

Grinding sealing and waxing
Another type is grinding and applying a sealer and wax to the terrazzo. This process takes a lot less time, hence, it is alot less expensive. This process cost approximately 3 to 4 dollars per sq foot. This process takes a 2 to four days. You are left with a nice shine that can last up to 2 years. I still grind the floor three time and patch hole with authentic terrazzo. Depending on your budget, but regardless of what process you go with, I fill all holes with actual terrazzo chips and cement getting a almost perfect match.

Staining, no contractor can guarantee complete stains removal but I am one of the best in removing stains! I always test an area and give the customer an assessment of the stains. It is up to them if they want to continue. I have over twelve years in restoring terrazzo, marble and concrete. I use state of the art machines and the know how to do the job right. I hope you get the right contractor for the job. Please visit my review page. All my reviews are real and I have referrals. 

Patching holes and cracks 

I have seen many of my competitors patches and they are simply not done well. If they don't use the right cement and take the time to place enough terrazzo chips it wont come out right. I use authentic terrazzo and patch large holes and small holes the same. All hole can be patched right. 

Below, competitors patch very small 2 inches in diameter this patch should not be visible, but he use wrong cement and did not put enough chips 

Floormaster Patch 2 feet radius

Before and after Pictures

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• Terrazzo floor restoration
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