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Concrete Polishing​

How is it done?

With over 12 year’s professional floor finishing experience, we’ve seen trends change and options are increasing from a manufacturing and building construction point of view with more emphasis on environmentally responsible procedures & products. When considering a concrete polishing application there are 5 key points which need to be analysed.

  What is my desired result, how am I expecting the end result to look.
  Can the finish be re-furbished with minimal disruption and cost,
  How do I expect my polished concrete to perform,
  How do I plan to maintain my chosen finish,
  What type of environment is it to be, and is it new concrete or refurbishment application.

These 5 key points can be used to help with decision making and also goes toward Floormasters preparing a proposal.

The popularity of Polished Concrete as a floor finish is growing faster than the availability of skilled contractors and finishers. All sorts of finishes are being implemented and promoted as polished concrete adding to the confusion on how our clients generally perceive how a polished concrete floor finish is actually crafted. It is like comparing carpet to vinyl or timber to ceramic tiles, they are all a floor coverings but perform differently and have different uses.

Mechanical Polished Concrete is a system that has 4 phases,

  Job specific preparation,
  Permanently dustproof/harden/seal with various molecule sized liquid densifier treatments,
  Further dry honing & polishing steps to the specified gloss level required,
  Protect polish surface with polish guard or liquid repellent impregnating sealers.

This enables the process to be adapted to a wider variety of applications which makes our diamond polished systems finishes a clear front runner in comparison with film coat sealers for performance, function, abrasion resistance and life expectancy.

Concrete density and surface hardness are important factors even when coatings are applied to a prepared concrete floor surface. Early planning is important when choosing new concrete as a floor finish as recommendations by your concrete polisher need to be implemented to ensure the specified finish is achieved. Excellent results can be achieved from a varietyof concrete pre-mixed suppliers without handing over hundreds of dollars per cubic meter of concrete to get a unique look. We can add a tint to create something different or permanently change suitable standard grey concrete blend with a simple but unique process fromselected colours.

WHAT IS POLISHED CONCRETE? Mechanical grinding and dry polishing process that utilises purpose designed diamonds bonded in metal and resin matrix, specially blended concrete hardeners and impregnating sealers to level, densify than seal the concrete from the inside out. The whole process structurally changes the concrete wear zone and transforms it into an extremely hard, easy on the eye, smooth surface that has exceptional resistances to abrasion. Because it is a coating free process it will not fade, peel, wear or yellow over time. Further technical information can be forwarded if requested.

WHAT IT IS NOT. This is where the confusion begins; topical coatings like urethanes, acrylics or epoxies are widely used and in some cases are passed off as “Polished Concrete” while most manufactures already have them on the market for years, they promote them for polished concrete and contractors are applying them as part of their process.If you happen to choose a clear coated finishes make sure you know the name and type as this will help out with a compatible sealer for future maintenance top coats. Coated finishes are put into 2 categories; grind & seal for external and honed & sealed for internal areas which come under the topical polished concrete category. All these coatings perform differently and some are not even designed to be used on concrete. During and after the application of these coatings they need to be buffed with a high speed polisher for the shine to be produced and regular buffing to keep the shine along withmaintenance top-up coats. Honed & sealed polished concrete is still an awesome look, however lacks the long term durability of diamond polish finish.


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