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Please Read carefully!
 There Are different levels of restoration!!
Please do not allow crystallization on your floors read article 

  •  Floormasters uses up to a 14 step diamond grinding process that leave your floor with a mirror like shine. We then use special compound and finally impregnate it for protection. Minor maintenance approximately every five to ten years. I would compare my work to any other floor restorer. My updated pictures speak louder then words. When a company is doing this process right, a 1500 sq ft takes up to 15 days to complete. There is no way this process will be done in one or three days.It takes up to a week to remove stubborn stains, it's a two to three day process to fill holes with authentic (TERRAZZO!). grinding takes about 4 to 8 days depending on grits used. Edging are done using hand tools only, the correct way.   I am concerned that some of you are not getting what you paid for!! This process cost about $3 to $8.00 per sq ft, and is worth every penny. My equipment is  a planetary machine specifically designed for diamond grinding and will complete floors up to 5000 sq ft efficiently and correctly.  I have machines that can handle larger jobs. My pictures speak for itself! Updated Gallery

  • Another type is grinding and applying a sealer and wax to the terrazzo. This process takes a lot less time, hence, it is alot less expensive. This process cost approximately 2$ to 3$ per sq foot. This process takes a 2 to four days. If there are stains that can add up to a week. You are left with a nice shine that can last up to 2 years. 

  • regardless of what process you go with, I fill all holes with actual terrazzo chips and cement sometimes getting an almost perfect match.

  • Staining, no contractor can guarantee complete stains removal but I am the best in removing stains! I always test an area and give the customer an assessment of the stains. It is up to them if they want to continue.  I have over twelve years in restoring terrazzo, marble and concrete. I use state of the art machines and the know how to do the job right.  I hope you get the right contractor for the job. Please visit  my review page. All my reviews are real and I have referrals. 

Services offered:
Our company is your #1 source for floor restoration. We include performance guarantees into each of our  contracts, below are the services we offer: 
Terrazzo Restoration 
Terrazzo Patchwork
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Staining
Concrete Design

Marble Restoration 
Lippage Removal
Floor Removal 
Adhesive Removal
Floor Stripping and Waxing
Floor leveling 

We have over 12 years experience restoring terrazzo. We offer advance diamond grinding and hole patching 

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We polish and stain concrete so it looks like a gorgeous piece of art

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If you want to restore your marble and get back that mirror shine we are the company to hire

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Concrete Polishing
Marble Restoration
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  • Above are some pictures of our work! Bottom picture is a recent terrazzo restoration that was in very bad shape with alot of patching and stain work done. 
  •  First few pictures are both concrete polishing and staining.  Last pictures our expert large hole patching, almost perfect match. 
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Terrazzo Restoration 
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 Reasons to hire floormasters: 

1. 12 years experience in diamond grinding floors. Most floors take at least 7 days longer if it has stains and many hole patches. Caution not all contractors restore floor the same you get what you pay for.

2. We start our grind with at least a 30 grit resin. Most floors need more then a three step process. We do a ten to twelve step process and the results speaks for itself.  Our machines will compete with any machines on the market. 

3.Please note; I have redone and consulted people that hire other companies, don't be tempted by the lower price get the job done right the first time!!! I get calls and emails every week from people that hire other contractors and are not happy with the results. Don't let this be you!!

4. Please do not allow crystallization on your floors click to understand more 

5. We take the time necessary to do the job right 

6. We fill wholes with terrazzo getting almost perfect match

7. We have the right equipment to do the job right

8. We don't cut corners to get the job done faster 

9. Again a 1500 square feet can take up to 14 days to do it right

10. We specialize in terrazzo restoration, terrazzo is much more difficult to restore then marble

11. We have pictures of actual terrazzo restoration not just marble or concrete

12. We have BBB A+ rating.

13. We have the best equipment and technique to do any job right

doing this process right, a 1500 sq ft takes up to 14 days to complete. There is no way this process will be done in one or three days.It takes 2 to 8 days to remove stubborn stains, it's a two day process to fill holes with authentic (terrazzo), and about four days for grinding depending on how aggressive i need to be. Edging are done using hand tools only, the correct way.  I have redone many of my competitors floors, Hire floormasters and save time doing it right the first time

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Caution you get what you pay for !